A Sofa for Conrad

For Conrad, a disabled veteran, adapting to civilian life has been a challenge. When he and his wife decided to start their own business, the company grew and was thriving until the pandemic threw a wrench in their growth. Applications for assistance were denied, and what was once a growing firm dwindled to small freelance projects.

Seeking a fresh start, Conrad, his wife, and their three daughters moved to Florida to try to rebuild the business. The family struggled, living off savings until October of 2022. “We weren’t able to save our business or our marriage. Our younger girls went to go live with their mom.” Conrad and his eldest daughter, Faith, began living out of their car.

“Even as a service connected veteran, it was hard to gain access to help.” After living in their car for 5 months, Conrad was connected with SSVF and Aspire, who were able to assist him in solidifying stable housing. The next step was to visit The Mustard Seed. “Our house is now our home, this is a major step in our rebuilding process.”

Conrad and his daughter received 32 pieces of furniture from The Mustard Seed of Central Florida. Conrad is pictured here on his new sofa with his service dog, Sunrise.

To help support veterans like Conrad, consider giving a gift today to restore dignity and inspire hope.

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