The Mustard Seed

We help people rebuild their lives and make a house a home.

The Mustard Seed started the way a lot of nonprofits do — one person saw a problem, and knew they had to do something to solve it.

In 1984, homelessness was becoming an epidemic in the Central Florida community. And it was, as it is today, a complicated issue. People wanted to diagnose it, cast judgment, politicize it. But Carol Kane didn’t see it that way. She simply saw that some of God’s children were suffering. And she wanted to help.

Carol started out of her garage, collecting household items and giving them away to people who needed them. Today, The Mustard Seed is delivering on Carol’s vision in exponential fashion. Operations have grown from a garage to a 20,000-square-foot warehouse. More important than the size of the warehouse, though, is the size of the impact.

The only furniture and clothing bank in Central Florida.

warehouse of furnitureThe Mustard Seed serves 3,000 people each year — individuals and families whose lives have been torn apart by personal tragedy, natural disaster and financial hardship.

We collect donations of furniture, appliances, household items, linens, dishes, toys, home decor and anything that makes a house a comfortable home. Then, we provide these items to people who need them.

97% of the people we serve are dealing with severe economic hardship. The other 3 percent are disaster victims whose circumstances left them without the financial resources to create stable futures.

As they build back their lives, The Mustard Seed becomes their final stop. Here, they’ll pick up everything they need for the fresh start they deserve.

Creating a more sustainable community.

In addition to providing items for reuse, The Mustard Seed recycles unusable items for their individual parts: metals, cardboard, sheet plastics, fabric, foam and wood.

Since 2011, The Mustard Seed’s Recycling Department has deconstructed more than 160,000 mattresses and sold their components, diverting nearly 4 million cubic feet of waste from the landfill while protecting the environment. The Mustard Seed’s recycling efforts also generate income to help fund the furniture and clothing programs.


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The Mustard Seed’s 20,000 square-foot warehouse was built in 1999 entirely by the hearts, hands, and generosity of its caring community partners. The Mustard Seed is so grateful for their kindness and generosity.

In the fall of 2005, the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation gifted The Mustard Seed with a wonderful sign for the warehouse to make it more visible from Keller Road and Kennedy Boulevard.

A Bed for Alberic

When Alberic lost his job in March of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the financial strain led to him living in his car for the last several years. He struggled to transition into an apartment due to extenuating circumstances and spent the last several months at the Coalition for the Homeless. …

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Furniture for Maria and her Siblings

After her mother was incarcerated, Maria, age 23, took custody of her three teenage siblings. “The situation was horrible. We didn’t have anywhere to live. I just wanted a better way of life for my siblings.” Maria connected with a case manager, who was able to secure her housing, and referred…

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Beds for Erick and His Children

For Erick, single father to four children, receiving help from The Mustard Seed was a comfort. Erick explained of his circumstances, “We were all sharing one blow up bed because we couldn’t afford beds for the kids.” Three of Erick’s four children are on the autism spectrum. He shares of his…

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February 13th, 2024

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