Client Story: Sateria

Sateria and her four young children became homeless in 2017 after Sateria’s landlord evicted them. But thanks to your support of The Mustard Seed’s furniture and clothing programs, the family has regained stability and dignity.

It was a rough several years for the family. After losing their apartment, the family went to live with Sateria’s cousin, but the living conditions became too crowded for Sateria’s cousin to bear so the family moved out.

Sateria moved four times since becoming homeless and lived with relatives in Orlando, Sebring and Haines City. When circumstances forced the family to move again, they began living in motels for several months.

Sateria then made the difficult decision to leave her children with her father in Haines City so she could look for work and a home in Orlando. She lived out of her car while in Orlando. During that time, someone hacked into her bank account and drained her child support, she said.

“I was left with nothing,” Sateria said.

She obtained work at a financial institution and eventually turned to Rapid Re-Housing – a program for the homeless – for help. Rapid Re-Housing found the family a home, and Sateria’s son’s school referred her to The Mustard Seed of Central Florida for furniture and clothing assistance. The family received more than 22 pieces of furniture and housewares, such as pots and pans. They also received winter coat donations from Burlington Coat Factory.

“We are very grateful for everything we’ve gotten,” Sateria said. “It’s been nothing but the hands of God that moved us. I always had something to eat. I never really liked where I had to lay my head. But my kids were safe.”

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